More "updates" to Facebook Audience. This time an alert was sent to app developers on July 26 via the Facebook Developer Console. This time the window for compliance is even smaller - you - the developer - have until Sep 1st. A bit over a month.

This is not the first time Facebook enforces a tight schedule on a mandatory Facebook Audience update. There seems to be something big going on, and looking at the policy update reaffirms the suspicion that Facebook is experiencing (and fighting) a large scale ad fraud, despite claiming on 2016 that FBA is now "basically fraud free".

This might also be a measure Facebook is taking prior to making fraud data available to advertisers.

What's worth your attention

Facebook was not clear on what exactly was changed in the policies.
There are however a couple policies orth noting:

  1. Each native ad requires to have:
  • Ad Title
  • CTA (Call-to-Action) Button (eg. Install Now, Learn More)
  • The Advertiser Creative Asset (ex: Image, Video, Carousel) or Advertiser Icon
  • AdChoices icon
  • In addition, your ad must be clearly labeled and distinguishable from content
  • No longer allowing “whitespace” of native ads to be clickable

  1. You are not allowed to monetize sites and services that you do not own or have a permission from the owner. This is a big issue for aggregation apps - all those Youtube, news, funny videos and link apps.

Don't use Audience Network unless you either own or operate the sites and apps or the owner of the sites and apps has given you exclusive third-party rights to monetize the inventory, or have our prior written permission.

Full list is here.