resolve-redirects-efficient is a module for quickly and efficiently resolving redirects in node.

The why

A PR broke amazon-asin's tests.
Somone added support for .eu tld and for some reason it would not resolve correctly in JS, on ly when trying via a web browser.
Turns out Amazon's servers do not always behave behave nicely. Sometimes they return HTTP 404 for HEAD requests, instead of the desired response which is the relevant headers.

Since HEAD requests are the efficient way of resolving HTTP redirects, this issue had to be fixed. I couldn't just change all requests to GET and to hell with resoureces. But then I've found out that resolve-redirect is long abandoned.

Yada yada yada

We now have resolve-redirects-efficient. This module falls back to GET when needed and handles errors gracefuly.
Don't believe me? Run the tests!